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Get Back Deleted Photos on Mac

Photos and videos are the integral part of our life. All of us like to capture beautiful moments of our life by clicking photos and store the memories spent with the family, friends for a lifetime. Pictures are personal memories of the moments lived by you, a record of your achievements, special occasion, adventure, etc.

A simple accidental deletion of memory card, or formatting / corruption of storage media can sweep all those memories instantly stored as photos. In such scenarios don't panic keep your cool and get Photo Recovery for Mac that makes "irrecoverability of lost /deleted photos, pictures, audios, videos" a thing of the past.


How to Recover Lost Photos on Mac?

Step 1: Select recovery mode

Run Photo Recovery for Mac software. Program main Window will be displayed as following. There are two modes of this software, here we press "Deleted Recovery" option to restore deleted pictures on Mac.

recovery mode for recovering deleted images on mac

Step 2: Choose source drive and file type

Select the physical drive from the drive(s) list and click on "Photo" option. Then click on "Start Scan" button or double click the drive to proceed.

restore deleted pictures on mac - source drive

Step 3: Preview and get back deleted photos on Mac

When the scan is finished, browse to the folder that you selected for your recovered photos and check out the results of the recovery. Then press "Recover" to start recovering deleted images on Mac. Choose a destination to save the recovery photos on your local.

select destination to recover lost photos on mac

Now you have successfully recovered deleted photos on Mac. See it is pretty easy. After following the above basic steps, we can easily restore deleted pictures on Mac. It is easy and fast to detect lost photos on Mac. Get the full version to retrieve photo files from any medial HD on Mac.

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